Month: August 2016

“Queen Anne Field” Infrared work in process.

“Queen Anne Field” is a new infrared image that i have been working on. I pass by this spot daily when walking our dogs. I know that i have passed this spot thousands of time over the last 20 years. On this day, at this time of day, all of the elements were present. I guess we will see where this takes me next. I’m seeing many images within this one. Just keep looking.

Click on the image above for a high resolution version.

“Hot New Pics Show” Midwest Center For Photography.

Iowa Sky 1

I am honored that an image from my “Iowa Skies” series has been selected to be exhibited in the “2016 Hot New Pics Show”  Midwest Center for Photography.

“Iowa Skies” is a series of black and white infrared images.

The HOT NEW PICS SHOW is an exhibition focusing on the range of creative exploration in photography,, an international view of what’s hot right now.

Exhibition dates: August 26 – Sept 9, 2016.  Center Gallery at the Midwest Center for Photography, 1215 Franklin, Wichita, KS  67203

Please click on the link below to see all of the selections for the “2016 Hot New Pics Show”!